Within just a few hours of its 10 a.m. release time on Monday, every tailgating space on Memory Mall had already been reserved.

Because of the rapid response time, some students and alumni were left without a spot to pitch their tents. Some took to the Internet to voice their disapproval of SGA’s attempt to simplify the tailgating experience.

A petition, created by Joseph Lacattiva, details his reasons for disapproval of the new system. Complaints include having a hard time navigating the website, being inconvenient for people who work during the allotted times and not adhering to tradition.

UCF spokesman Chad Binette said the focus of the system change was to make tailgating more convenient and accessible for students and alumni.

“Memory Mall was envisioned as a student-centered gameday area, but in recent years many of the spaces have been taken by people who have no connection to the university,” Binette said.

Additionally, while the early bird gets the worm, part of the reason for the change was to allow latecomers more than a week-long head start on securing a spot at Memory Mall.

“Although some people may enjoy showing up early in the morning to secure a space, many people appreciate knowing they can arrive when tailgating begins or even afterward and still have a space,” Binette said.

While those who were not able to sign up for a location are not allowed to set up tents at Memory Mall, they may still tailgate in the location, as well as around campus.

The sign-ups are also on a game-by-game basis. The next sign-up date is Sept. 7 at 10 a.m. for the Furman game on Sept. 19.


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