During a press conference Thursday, UCF's Police Department announced changes to the upcoming football season, including a new post-game traffic pattern and forbidding drones from campus during games.

"We've made a few adjustments to our traffic pattern because we had a few concerns about taking too long to get off campus, so ... depending on where you park will dictate how you get off campus," chief Richard Beary said. "Our goal is to get people out of the gridlock as quickly as possible."

Videos and maps of the new traffic flow patterns are on the UCF Athletics website. Beary said that he is working to address shuttle services that may be affected due to the new pattern.

Additionally, Beary said that due to the size of the stadium, the area is a designated no-fly zone, making drones and unauthorized aircrafts not allowed in the area. Beary added that the new rule is also a safety measure.

"Drones have become popular everywhere you go — during gameday, we are a drone-free zone," Beary said. "We had a couple last year unannounced that flew in over the stadium. My biggest concern is panic. People aren't expecting it and, next thing you know, it's there, and when people panic in a crowded area, then more people can get hurt."


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