The UCF Office of Student Involvement has opened up a podcast studio in All Knight Study 2 at Ferrell Commons.

The podcast studio is open to all UCF faculty and students, given that the student has half-time enrollment status and at least a 2.5 GPA, according to an email sent out by Sharon Ekern of the Student Development and Enrollment Services.

The studio will allow users to record a podcast, do voice-over work and record music. The studio offers a Behringer X 32 soundboard, five RE20 microphones for podcast recording, three Behringer C1 condenser mics for singing and a Samson CO3 multi-channel mic channel for effects. It will also provide Adobe Audition for editing.

Students or faculty who wish to use the studio must set up an application through podcasts@ucf.edu. They will then set up an interview with a studio director or representative. After training, scheduling will take place on a bi-weekly basis.


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