Students and members of Voices for Planned Parenthood protested against anti-abortionists in the free speech lawn on campus Friday.

Graphic photos of fetuses were plastered on posters, and members of the group Operation Save America stood with their children in the lawn.

"I believe that everyone should have the right to ... make choices about their own body. I believe in body autonomy," said Belle Severo, mathematics junior and Voices for Planned Parenthood member. "I'm a woman. I know that I make responsible decisions ... but I still reserve my right to get an abortion if I needed one."

OSA travels to different campuses to preach against abortion, said member Bill Hewitt, who came from Georgia to the UCF campus.

"They make arguments, but the foundations of their arguments are on water," said Hewitt, referring to VOX members' rebuttals.

"It grieves my soul," Hewitt said. "That baby is made with the image of God."

But Severo fervently disagreed. "No one has the right to force anything on your body," she said.


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