Two anti-Semitic stickers were placed on a Central Florida Future newsstand outside Tower 4 on UCF's main campus Sunday.

One sticker had a Star of David and the words "1%" and "Bankers" underneath, and the second sticker had a Nazi swastika depicted on a flag, according to 10 News.

"Its sad that amidst all of the good happening on campus, from time-to-time, we are confronted with hateful acts of vandalism," said Jeff Kiel, president and publisher of Florida Today Communications.

According to photos on social media, the stickers appeared to be removed, and 10 News reported the stickers were scratched off from the Future newsstand.

However, UCF spokesman Chad Binette said he is "not aware of this" and "will check into it and follow up" when he gets more information.

The Future, which is a Gannett-owned company and falls under its parent paper Florida Today, distributes its paper every Thursday and has a circulation of 14,000. It has 150 racks on campus and 50 off campus in the general UCF area.

This is not the first time anti-Semitic vandalism has been reported near UCF's main campus.

In April 2014 on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom HaShoah, UCF female Jewish student Michelle Feldman found swastikas carved into the walls of her apartment at University House across from campus. And before this incident, she found her mezuzah, a decoration Jewish people hang on their door frame with a prayer inside, broken in half and lying on the floor with the prayer missing.

Following the incident, University House ramped up security measures and offered a $500 award for information leading to an arrest; however, none was ever made.


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