With the Student Government Association general election set for March 28-30, the time has come again for students to hear political terms like "campaign, platforms and ballots" in every-day conversations around campus. Students interested in running for SGA president and vice president have until March 3 to announce their candidacy, however, some candidates have already officially declared themselves and shared their thoughts and feelings about their coming political campaigns via Facebook.

Jacob Milich, a business management major and SGA senator, along with Elaine Sarlo, a political science major and chairman of the College Republicans at UCF, are both running for office together against SGA Chief of Staff, Christopher Clemente, and SGA’s External Legislative Assistant, Rachel Altfield.

Incumbent SGA president Cait Zona expressed enthusiasm regarding Clemente and Altfield’s campaign with a full endorsement in a Facebook post.

“The role of Student Body President and Vice President is one that requires knowledge, experience, and a commitment to the students. Between Christopher and Rachel's background, platform, and love for this school, I am confident that they will uphold the integrity of this organization to the highest ability,” Zona wrote.

Clemente, who is running for SGA president with Altfield by his side as vice president, announced their plans to run and encouraged students to check out their full platform via Facebook.

“Throughout the last three years, we have worked hard to make UCF a better place to live, work, and go to school. We recognize the potential that UCF gives all of its students, which is why we are so enthusiastic about giving back. Our combined experience in the Executive and Legislative Branches makes us the most qualified ticket in this election and our #‎KnightVision for UCF is the most detailed and ambitious platform in the election,” Clemente and Altfield wrote.

Milich, who is running for SGA president against Clemente and Altfield with Sarlo, also shared his excitement in a Facebook post, emphasizing his loyalty to UCF.

“After serving in the United States Marine Corps, I never could have imagined feeling such a strong loyalty and connection to another institution until I became a student at UCF. UCF has become my home and has given me so many opportunities including serving as an SGA Senator and Fraternity President, and now it’s time for me to give back,” Milich wrote.

Sarlo, who is running for office alongside Milich as vice president, made it a point to ensure students that despite UCF's large size they will put in all their effort to hear students' concerns and make corresponding changes in response.

"Jake and I have and will continue to give a voice to those underrepresented, and to change the culture of Student Government into an accessible tool for everyone. Running for the Executive Office of the second largest university on the continent is not an easy feat. But we will not be [outworked]. No one will put in more hours, no one will speak to more students, and no will listen to concerns, and act to make changes more than our ticket. We are here to serve," Sarlo wrote.

To find out more about Jake and Elaine's platform, check out their official website, and to find out more about Chris and Rachel's platform, check out their website here. Anyone interested in running for office against these candidates can fill out a form on SGA's website.


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