Two UCF fraternities have been implicated in hazing incidents that allegedly occurred off-campus last month.

According to a report provided by the UCF Office of Student Conduct, the first incident allegedly occurred at the Delta Upsilon fraternity house on Feb. 23 when a new member was forced to run until vomiting after failing a test on the fraternity’s pledge manual, a document which lays out the policies, expectations, and responsibilities of fraternity members. The student who filed the report also claimed that he was harassed to go to a bar and “pledge drink” alcoholic beverages despite being too young to legally drink.

The code of conduct for UCF’s Delta Upsilon chapter, which was part of the complainant’s required reading for failing his test, implores fraternity members not to “physically, mentally, psychologically, or sexually abuse or haze any human being.”

Delta Upsilon was placed on suspension by the university on Feb. 26, according to a letter issued by Michael Gilmer, director of OSC. After a preliminary hearing on March 15, Delta Upsilon remains on interim suspension until another student conduct hearing is convened.

The second incident allegedly occurred in the parking lot of Riverwind Apartments around 3:30 a.m. on Feb. 24. According to two separate incident reports, two members of the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi struck three men with red and white canes.

“The individuals were dancing and twirling the canes like something you would see majorettes do,” according to a student who witnessed the alleged hazing. “It looked cool, honestly, until we saw the three guys being beaten after they dropped the canes.”

The reports concerning February’s Kappa Alpha Psi incident are still pending review.



Alex Storer is a contributing writer for the Central Florida Future.

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