Former Student Government Association presidential candidate Jacob Milich announced today on Fox & Friends that the SGA is targeting him because of his conservative beliefs.

"It's a coordinated effort against me because I'm a conservative, as well as my running mate, Elaine Sarlo, is actually the president of College Republicans at UCF," he said in a television interview.

Early Monday morning, Milich made an appearance on Fox & Friends, a daily talk show on Fox News. where he claimed to be in the conservative minority on UCF's liberal campus. Milich said this was the first time SGA held secret meetings, but according to a previous Future article, Milich is the one that requested the meeting closed in the first place.

The video segment titled "Student government kicks only Republican off ballot" begins with one anchor asking if Milich was removed from the SGA ballot because he was accused of violating election rules or  if it really was because he was a conservative.

The segment emphasized Milich's service in the Marine Corps and the fact that Milich is suing UCF for "violating his free speech." Fox anchor Brian Kilmeade said Milich thinks a "partisan plot is against him."

Milich said that he was taken off the ballot because several violations were filed against him "all by the same small group of people."

As Milich's disciplinary hearing regarding the election violations is closed under FERPA, only Milich can share the number of infractions and what they are.

Fox & Friends listed three violation charges: Milich used his SGA email to write campaign notes, he tested his campaign website prior to his presidential run and he used social media too early.


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