Knight-Thon 2016 raises more than $1 million

The 20th annual Knight-Thon, which took place from April 2 to April 3, raised more than $1 million for the first time ever. It also broke the record for the number of attendees, reaching 1,500 students this year. Knight-Thon is a 20-hour dance marathon that aims to raise money for the children and families of the Children's Miracle Network.

UCF honors fallen students at Eternal Knights ceremony

On April 6, UCF honored 13 students by naming them '"Eternal Knights" at the 2016 Eternal Knights Memorial Service. The service, attended by the friends, family, classmates and leaders from the UCF community, included a moment of silence and a yellow flower for each fallen student.

Greek Week is here

Today is the last day to attend UCF's Greek Week. Hosted by the UCF Greek Council, this festival draws inspiration from popular music festivals and with each event named after a different one, such as Greekaroo, HoopChella and the Ultra Blaze Party.

UCFPD talks use of body cameras, Naloxone during open forum

On March 31, Mariah Frison, president of the Emergency Management Student Association at UCF, hosted an open forum with the UCF Police Department in an effort to ease tensions between the student body and their police officers. The forum touched on body cameras, the opiate overdose antidote known as Naloxone. The forum also featured two bystander intervention programs, Green Dot and BarTAB, that aim to empower bystanders to take a stand in situations where someone has the potential to be victimized.

UCFPD swears in three new officers

UCF Police Department Chief Richard Beary publicly swore in three new police officers on March 31. The officers sworn in include Officer Jean Quiles, Maurice Thompson and Dan Ryley.

“In the many years I’ve been in this business, what I have tried to do as chief of police is to always publicly do these swearing-ins, because this is the most important thing that I do, quite frankly,” Chief Beary said. “Without this oath of office, you can’t go out and do the job that you need to do, and at this time in history, it’s even more critical that the public understands what that oath of office really means to the community that we serve.”

Students hold vigil in light of March terrorist attacks

Eight UCF organizations came together on March 31 to hold a candlelight vigil in honor of the lives that were lost in recent terrorist attacks in Lahore, Yemen, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Belgium and the Ivory Coast.

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