On April 12, UCF’s Burnett Honors College announced on Facebook that the college's koi pond, located in the meditation garden, had been vandalized on Sunday afternoon.

Two Facebook posts alleged an unknown man “[killed] the fish and [broke] the equipment.”

The posts were accompanied by two photos that showed a man in a blue shirt and white hat standing near — and in — the koi pond.

“While we’re justifiably outraged right now — after all, it was a beautiful pond and a fixture of the Honors College — we should try to be open to new evidence about what this man’s motivations were,” said David Moosman, a senior double major in economics and philosophy and a Burnett Honors College student. “There should be some punishment if there was willful wrong-doing, [but] an expulsion is excessive in my mind.”

The Burnett Honors College has not yet responded to requests for comment.

Students with any information about the vandalism can contact


Alex Storer is a senior staff writer for the Central Florida Future. 

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