Students looking for some extra cash, rejoice: Orlando has been named one of the top 10 cities in the nation for summer jobs.

A recent WalletHub study ranked Orlando No. 4 in the nation for part-time summer work. While it ranked only eighth in the category of “Youth Job-Market Outlook,” which factors in data such as the availability of summer jobs and the number of residents between 16 to 24 who are employed, Orlando ranked first in “Social Environment and Affordability,” which weighs factors including rent for one-bedroom apartments, the number of jobs within a 30-minute drive, the minimum wage and the number of single people in the area.

The city was beat by Washington, D.C., which placed first; Scottsdale, Arizona, second; and San Francisco, which placed third. It beat out several Florida cities, such as Fort Lauderdale at seventh, Miami at 19th, Tampa at 45th and Tallahassee at 149th. A total of 150 cities were included in the rankings.

Source: WalletHub | A map of the best places for summer work in the nation. Smaller circles represent higher rankings.


Bernard Wilchusky is the Editor-in-Chief of the Central Florida Future. You can reach him by email at or on Twitter @cameradudeman.

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