UCF's Recreational and Wellness Center continues to thrive in producing graduate assistants. In 2016, the program produced 10 graduate assistants, the largest class in program history, moving onto positions in campus recreation at schools across the nation.

The RWC allows students to work in the field of sports and exercise science with 300 positions available in different areas from fitness attendants to member services. The RWC has produced 36 graduate assistants since 2012.

“With over 400 student employees, the RWC offers students a variety of advancing leadership opportunities to develop their skills and make them very marketable to potential employers,” said Gary Cahen, associate director of RWC programs, in a press release.

As graduate assistants, the students will continue their education toward obtaining master's degrees and work in exchange for tuition wavers.

“Campus recreation is infectious. Once you get in, and get bitten by the right bug, it’s hard to find a career in anything else,” said C.J. Stancheski, a former RWC employee in press release. “Working at the RWC has prepared me to reach my career goals by having influential and motivating professional staff mentors that want nothing but the best for you and your future.”

The 10 graduate assistants include: Jessica Armenteros, University of South Florida; Kyra Dickie, University of Kentucky; Evelyn O’Campo, University of South Florida; CJ Stancheski, Texas A&M University; Chris Mason, Wichita State University; Greg Metzger, University of Georgia; Teesha Monroe, James Madison University; Bryce Starr, Western Michigan University; Calle Lajza, College of William and Mary; and Cat Spears, Armstrong State University.


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