Within the scientific community, Elon Musk is something of a rockstar.

Currently, Musk runs two major companies, Space X, a private company that creates and launches rockets and other spacecraft, and Tesla Motors Inc, an innovative car company that manufactures and sells electric vehicles.

And now UCF College of Business Administration Dean Paul Jarley wants to bring him to UCF.

Jarley hopes to expose business and engineering students to Musk’s unique business philosophy. Host of UCF's Failure Competition, Jarley wants students to meet Musk so they can be inspired to take risks.

On his blog, Jarley wrote, “I want Elon Musk to come and give 20 minutes of inspiration on how failure leads to success to 10,000 UCF Business and Engineering students. Why? Because our students don’t take enough smart risks. Fear of failure just might be the No. 1 enemy of college students today. Nobody has dreamed bigger, taken bolder actions and stared down failure more than Elon Musk.”

SpaceX recently made history when its Falcon 9 delivered a spacecraft to orbit and returned to Earth intact, so that it could potentially fly again.

Musk and other space entrepreneurs see reusable rockets as the key to dramatically lowering the cost of access to space, FLORIDA TODAY reported, which could enable many more missions and even make human exploration of Mars a more realistic goal.

To help his cause, Jarley has started the #missiontomusk campaign on social media. He encourages students to spread the word to bring Musk to campus.


Jillian James is a digital producer at the Central Florida Future. She can be reached at

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