Ahhh, breathe it in, Knights. It's a great time to be at UCF. The fall semester is on the horizon, the freshman babies are moving into their dorm rooms on campus and the football team is already making headlines (what's up No. 23 ESPN power ranking!) The university is still growing, and it's growing at rapid pace.

And, like the university, we here at the Central Florida Future are making some pretty big steps of our own. Perhaps you may have noticed, or perhaps you are like a bad boyfriend and haven't noticed, we got a makeover — a really big makeover. No longer are we that clunky newspaper that was impossible to sneak into class and read. No longer are we that website that looked like it was out of the AOL instant-messenger era. No longer are we "just a newspaper." We have found our wings, people, and queue the R. Kelly because we believe we can fly.

Starting today, the Central Florida Future has evolved. Instead of a twice-weekly broadsheet, we've converted to a bigger, better weekly tabloid. Here, we can bring you the best of what we've got to offer and break down the biggest stories, the hottest trends, what students are really up to and where you have just GOT to check out over the weekend. We will come out every Thursday with a new print edition and we certainly hope you slip us into those three-ring binders, take us for a ride on the shuttle or throw us on your coffee table.

But in between issues, you might feel a void in your life. Never fear, though, that's part of the change, too. Instead of being a twice-weekly publication, the Central Florida Future will now be at your service, and at your fingertips, seven days a week online. A huge part of our makeover was the changes to our website, and I urge you all to check it out because we're quite proud of it!

We will be posting breaking news on the regular and fresh content every single day of the week. Check it out at or

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are your most trusted news source on campus.

We get the facts, we confirm the facts and we give you the real deal. What you're going to get at the Central Florida Future is what you've always gotten — high-quality news, entertainment and sports. However, we're just making it bigger and better than it has ever been.

So please come join us as we migrate into a new kind of news source — the kind you love, and the kind you trust.

Be sure to check out the message from our editor-in-chief, Ryan Gillespie, who will be leading the news team into this very exciting transition.

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