Party lines, party lines and more party lines.

Nowadays, especially, I'm not quite sure what it takes to be a Democrat, and I'm not sure what it takes to be a Republican. But, there is one thing I know:

A Democrat CANNOT under any circumstances criticize Barack Obama. However, on that note, a Republican CANNOT under any circumstance support a decision that Obama makes. My Facebook feed and Twitter timelines are mixed bags. Some are young, some are old, some are white and others are black. I'd like to think the people that I know and that I associate with on social media proportionately reflect many average Americans.

But I cannot go a day during which I log on to either platform and see the same cast of characters spewing the same nonsense in both directions, likely regurgitating the same nonsense that they heard on Fox News or NBC. But that's fine, people are passionate about issues — or at least they are passionate about being right or wrong.

But it shouldn't be about who is right or wrong in politics and government. It should be about two sides working together to improve the country for all of us.

Too often we dig in our heels in this country as "Republicans" or "Democrats" without even acknowledging the other side. And honestly, it may start with us, but I believe it extends to members of Congress and the federal government.

I'm not sure exactly which party I support. Both sides have beliefs that are appealing to me. Quite frankly, I don't care if Charlie Crist has changed parties more than some people change clothes. I don't care if Rick Scott flip-flopped his belief on ObamaCare. People are allowed to evolve.

As people become more educated on topics, or if they dig deeper, their mindsets change. Sometimes people admit that they were wrong. Sometimes they are given new information, or sometimes they make mistakes.

I do the same thing every day. As much as I like to believe I always know what I'm doing, I don't.

If more people in this country left their party ties at the door and thought more with an open mind on any topic, perhaps as a whole we wouldn't be in the same dire straights we are economically. Perhaps we would get things done and improve the country every day, regardless of the party that is responsible for successes or that shoulders the blame.

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