The following is an open letter to UCF students from SGA presidential candidates Anthony Safadi and Ali Nassereddin.

The message is simple: Make UCF great again.

I will not be accepting a $20,000 salary from UCF as president. Instead, I will be donating it to charities and putting it towards other campus causes. I am self-funding this campaign. I will not be bought. I consider it a privilege to represent the students of UCF and therefore will be taking the door off the hinges to my office as president.

Students may come and go, I want them to feel exactly how they should — involved, as an equal and comfortable with the student body president. I will be putting bean bags in the president's office for students to come in and chill/ speak with me whenever.

Now as for Parking services, I'm sick of students being hit where it hurts most — their wallets. In the year 2000 UCF had nearly 13,000 parking spots and 31,000 students. That's .42 parking spots per person. Today we have 63,000 students and 18,000 parking spots. That's .28 spots per student. But it's our fault we can't find parking? Give me a break. To begin with, it's not UCFs job to hand out parking tickets, it's to educate. I will dissolve the ability for UCF to hand out parking tickets as they please. I guarantee it. There's nothing I will enjoy more than doing so. It's not the students fault that our student population is skyrocketing and the amount of parking spaces is staying the same. Students are not just losing time and money looking for parking, this is college — every time they're late knowledge is lost as well.

There will be term limits on senate seats. If you've been in senate for over 2 years, get out. Quit hogging the seat, you're not essential, let other students have an opportunity. The term limit will be one year. There will be no career politicians.

We will all make UCF great again.

As for the Aramark deal, none of our businesses are leaving. I have a plan.

Greek privilege is real. I love the Greeks, some of my best friends are Greek, but they're controlling our student government to the point where if you're not Greek, good luck getting in. Over 50 percent of SGA is Greek, yet Greek life makes up only 13 percent of our student body. Under my administration being Greek will not qualify you to be in SGA. Now this doesn't mean we are kicking people out, we are just going to operate on a fair playing field. We will have a very diverse SGA, not determined by skin color, but by degrees. We need experts in every field.

I am running this campaign with just Ali (my VP). We don't owe anyone any favors, we don't have the backing of any sororities or fraternities, or any other group for that matter, we just want to make UCF great again.

I didn't have to run for president, I could have remained a Justice for UCF and stayed comfortable, but our student body is being robbed blind and I decided I've seen enough abuse.

I'm an average student at UCF, I'm just like you, a vote for me is voting for someone who represents yourself.

Together we will make UCF great again.


Anthony Safadi and Ali Nassereddin are running for SGA president and vice president in the Spring 2016 SGA election.

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