Riding on a seven-game losing streak this season, No. 33 Tulsa might seem like an easy opponent for No. 27 UCF. But for the Knights, Friday's home game is a chance at redemption.

Though this will be the first time the two squads face each other in the American Athletic Conference, the Knights and the Golden Hurricane go way back.

During their time in Conference USA, the Knights took on Tulsa seven times, three of which for the conference title, including a devastating loss in overtime back in 2012.

Even coming off the best football season in UCF history with a bowl game victory under their belt, the Knights are reminded of their past encounters with the Golden Hurricane: four straight losses.

"We haven't beaten them in four games. That's basically something that I discussed with the kids this week, and it's something that we've got to get done," head coach George O'Leary told the Associated Press. "You'd like to see [the seniors] get that off their record before they graduate."

And for seniors such as linebacker Terrance Plummer, who made the only interception against Tulsa in the contest for the C-USA title in 2012, the final chance to trump Tulsa may be the push they need to capture their fourth conference win on the season.

"For sure, that's the one team that whenever I've been in conference that I've never beaten was Tulsa," senior linebacker Terrance Plummer told the Associated Press. "That really weighs on you as a player. Somebody that's won conference championships and won division championships, and you got one team that you could never beat. So this year is our opportunity to finally go out there and get that win as a senior class that we've never had before."

Kickoff for Friday's game is at 8 p.m.