Sport and position: Football, quarterback

Year: Junior

Major: Health sciences pre-clinical

Favorite food: My mother’s macaroni and cheese

Favorite pro athlete: Peyton Manning. Just the way that he handles himself on the field, off the field and the way he controls command of his team.

Pregame ritual: The first thing I do is go to the end zone, put touchdown grass in my sock, I say a prayer and then I run to the other end zone and I do the same thing; put touchdown grass in my sock from the other end zone and then I say another prayer for my team and the other team that everybody just has a safe game and nobody leaves injured. And after that it’s focus up, time to play.

I’ve been doing it since high school, senior year.

Hidden talent: I don’t think I can, but everyone says I can dance. I think I’m decent. I’ve got rhythm, that’s about it, though … All the stuff the kids do these days: the whip, the nae nae, all that stuff.


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