The Knights kicked off the weekend with a win against Cornell, defeating the Big Red 4-3 on Friday night.

The Knights got on the board quick with junior outfielder Eli Putnam hitting a RBI triple in the bottom of the first.

With two outs and bases loaded for the Big Red in the top of the third, the Knights were able to shut the Big Red down and then transition into dominating the rest of the third inning.

Putnam scored his second RBI of the night in the bottom of the third after a catcher’s interference. The second run of the night was then followed by an additional RBI by junior outfielder Eugene Vazquez.

"One thing that we went over collectively as a group was to scrap a lot with two strikes and find ways to put balls in play or draw walks,” Putnam said. “When you do that, then you are going to create offense."

Sophomore Cre Finfrock pitched seven innings, throwing four strikeouts and allowing only six hits.

"I did not have my best stuff tonight,” Finfrock said. “So I put the ball in the middle and let the defense do their work. The offense put some runs together to get the win."

The Knights had the bases loaded in the bottom of the seventh when junior outfielder Luke Hamblin contributed a RBI making it 4-1.

The game was momentarily interrupted in the bottom of the eighth, when the majority of lights in the stadium shut off for the second time this season.

“It is easy to play when it is 75 and sunny out. Anybody can do that,” head coach Terry Rooney said. “Today we had adversity with the lights going out again, but the guys overcame it.”

The Big Red came back in the final few innings, but the Knights managed to hold their ground and close out the game with a win.

“You have to have tremendous poise to hold onto a lead and tremendous confidence if you’re behind,” Rooney said. “In that last inning, we showed a lot of poise and composure. That is a quality of a good team, you don’t panic.”

The Knights played exceptionally despite multiple key players missing due to injuries.

“We have four to five starters out but nobody is complaining” Rooney said. “Everyone is just working hard; they are working harder than they ever have, they have a great attitude, they are loose and they are confident. Tonight that showed, because we found a way to win.”

The Knights face their next game of the weekend against the Big Red on Saturday at 11:00 a.m.


Amanda Schoep is a Staff Writer for the Central Florida Future.