The Florida Supreme Court is considering an appeal from the University of Central Florida Athletics Association to limit damages awarded to the family of Knights football player Ereck Plancher following his death in 2008.

A jury ruled in 2011 that UCFAA would be held liable for $10 million in damages to the Plancher family, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Plancher collapsed during off-season conditioning drills and later died.

Current arguments are set to determine whether or not the UCF Athletics department is considered a private or public entity. Sovereign immunity laws limit the maximum damages payable by public state agencies to $200,000.

"If the court rules in favor of the Plancher's family, all the state universities with private athletic departments set up as what the state calls direct-support organizations would also face unlimited damages in any legal proceedings," according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The UCFAA has provided a brief in support of its arguments signed by the UCF Board of Trustees and the boards of 11 Florida public universities.

No date has currently been set for the ruling.