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Vacant Greek houses get a new chapter

Published: Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Updated: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 21:04

Frat House

Rayma Jenkins

Kappa Alpha Theta and Theta Chi have been awarded permission to move into the last available Greek houses on UCF's campus.

Four organizations were selected by the Greek Park Housing Selection Committee to make presentations, applying for the option to rent one of the two vacant houses.

The committee, made up of faculty, staff, students and alumni was responsible for reviewing the applications and presentations, compiling strengths and concerns for the Student Development and Enrollment Services Leadership Team.

The SDES Leadership Team reviewed the information provided by the committee and made the final decision and offer at the end of March. 

Christine Dellert, of UCF News & Information, said the organizations were evaluated on the strength of their application and presentation. The presentations included membership information, supporting information, financial information and formal statements of support.

Factors evaluated included the organizations' chapter membership statistics, academic standing, past student conduct records, chapter growth and development, programs and activities, room rental guarantee, furnishing plan, and statements of support from alumni and the national office.

Theta Chi will move into the former Sigma Alpha Epsilon house and Kappa Alpha Theta received the former Sigma Phi Epsilon house. 

The former Sigma Alpha Epsilon house has been empty for about two years.  The national office closed the chapter after violation of university policies on hazing, drug and alcohol related misconduct and disorderly conduct.

Dellert said the university decided to purchase the privately-owned property which led to a thorough legal process, delaying the replacement of an organization within the house until now. 

President of Theta Chi Ben Wallinger said, "Having a house is good because it gives the fraternity a centralized location, an opportunity for brothers to live together and a meeting area for chapter instead of trying to find a room in the HPA building." 

Theta Chi's house will fit 38 beds, and Wallinger was given a move-in date of fall 2009.

"We have always prided ourselves on holding our brotherhood whether we had a house or not," Wallinger said.

Although the university will be covering the remodeling expenses of the houses, Wallinger said that dues are expected to increase but not at an excessive rate.

"We want to be able to accomplish everything as before, but we don't want to lose current or prospective members," Wallinger said. "We wouldn't want to lose our future president because of dues."

Dellert said the houses will be retrofitted with fire sprinkler systems and an updated fire alarm system, plus general maintenance and repair.

"The university now owns the two houses and will operate them like one of the residence halls," Dellert said.  The Department of Housing and Residence Life will operate and manage the facilities. 

Dellert said the organization will be assessed a parlor or house usage fee, while those students residing in the facilities will have individual student agreements similar to the residence halls.

Existing houses in Greek Park are owned and operated by their alumni house corporations.

Dellert said that Greek organizations' alcohol and drug policies are often stricter than the residence halls.  All sororities are substance-free facilities, meaning there can't be alcohol in the house and individual student rooms even if that student is of legal drinking age. 

Dellert said the organizations that presented and were not selected would have the first option for future on-campus fraternity/sorority housing options.

UCF has over 40 Greek organizations; 11 have on-campus housing. Dellert said there are plans of constructing a Greek Park II when it becomes financially feasible for the university.

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Your name
Fri Aug 28 2009 18:57

You sound like a 12 year old.

Fri Aug 28 2009 17:37
UCF greek your an idiot. SAE, Sig Ep, and Pike were the top 3 and always will be. These other fraternities should re classify as a sorority and be done with it.
Dr. Jim Thomas
Sun May 17 2009 00:03
As a PiKA alumni I was sad to see the loss of Eta Phi Chapter and closing of the house. I was an orignal member of the chapter, former President, and contributor to the housing corporation. I also served twice as chapter advisor. I took my young son by the house in the mid-1990's during Spring Break. To say the least the place looked like it was much older that it should have. A young man, I suppose he was a brother, hardly gave me the time of day. I was totally put off by what I saw there. My son recently graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and was never impressed with the Greeks at any of the universities he attended. I learned a lot about life in my chapter but frankly it changed so much that I doubt they would have pledged any of the founding brothers. What was once a great group of diverse guys, many of us Vietnam Vets, became a country club full of self-serving individuals. The law of nature says what goes up must come down. Hope the remaining chapters don't become like my former PiKA chapter.
UCF Greek Alum
Sat May 2 2009 11:37
Hey former Pike... I got news for you buddy... the last time I was in the PIKE house was in 1996 for an IFC meeting and the place needed to be condemned then!! That rat trap was nothing more than a 2-story double wide!! SAE and Sig Ep had two of the nicest houses on campus.
Greek Life
Mon Apr 20 2009 14:11
As far as greek life in general, it is not about paying for your friends. I initially did not want to join greek life in college because I felt the same way. However, I decided to give it a try because I didn’t want to be the person who bashed it but had never experienced it. It is an excellent opportunity to get involved and have a lot of people who are there for you through anything, and I would never take it back. Please don’t bash it before you try it. Greeks do a lot of good for the community through volunteering and raising money for charities. As for Theta and Theta Chi who are relatively new organizations on campus, it takes time to get your name out there and to grow. That’s why many new sororities have to do continuous open bidding because they are not established enough. Use your common sense. Theta got Chapter of the Year this year, and there is probably a reason for that.
How dare you.
Mon Apr 20 2009 13:16
How dare anyone call anyone else "lowly" or "lame" or speak badly of another organization. The people above who are bashing, you should be ashamed of yourselves. It is because of people like you who are arrogant and prideful that there is so much hatred in this world. Everyone deserves an equal chance at getting house and if you want to know why Theta or Theta Chi got a house, you should ask them, not talk badly about them. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Concerned Alumni
Sun Apr 19 2009 03:39
I hope they don't build Greek Park 2. TO THIS DAY, I can’t believe that students from UCF’s Fraternity and Sorority groups went into the UCF Arboretum to remove Gopher turtles because they wanted to have Greek Row 2 built. They saw the building of their new houses to be more important than the demise of an endangered species.
UCF grad
Sun Apr 19 2009 03:08
The PIKEs and SAEs deserved to be kicked out. Forcibly tying a guy to a tree (PIKE) and then throwing all sorts of food at him because he gave his girlfriend a T-Shirt is hazing. Cops going into the house and finding pledges crying and broken hotdogs on the floor after they got put in their pledges butts (SAE) is hazing.

I’ve even heard about these organizations raising money for a good cause such as giving food to the homeless and then taking 80% of the money they raised for themselves because it’s legal. Is this the kind of image you want UCF to have?

I’m surprised that some of the commenter’s here have such a problem with “lowly” thetas. I can’t believe that people in the Frats and sororities at UCF are glorified high school students. These organizations are embarrassments to Central Florida and they undermine our education. Whether you decide to pay to make friends in college is your own business but these organizations are a major part of the face that Central Florida puts forth to the community. If they haze or step out of lines they should be kicked out without question.

Fri Apr 17 2009 18:09
I think its funny how the frats and sors have a popularity things amongst themselves when most of the campus whose not Greek doesn't seem to give a crap and they live in their own little world of pounders, TDs, and scoops. NO ONE CARES WHO GETS WHAT, LETS READ SOME REAL NEWS....DERKA DERKA EPSILON BETA...LOL
Your name
Fri Apr 17 2009 04:40
Im a former PIKE, our house was by far the nicest. I visited both the SAE and SigEp houses both were smaller and in way worse shape than the PIKE house. UCF tore it down to make a statement I guess after our nationals lost the case against them. Anyway, Congrats to Kappa Alpha Theta and Theta Chi. Having a house on Campus is an amazing experience. Just listen to what I say when I tell you WATCH EVERYTHING YOU DO including your pledges!!! ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING can be turned into a hazing claim or misconduct. UCF has no problem booting you trust me they kicked the three best frats off like nothing. In closing, CONGRATS AND ENJOY!!!!!
Ohhh GDI's will never learn...
Fri Apr 17 2009 00:52
You are the one who is disgusting. It's UCF alumni like you that bring a bad name to the school. You must be at least 24 and are acting the maturity of a teenager. Grow up and congratulate the chapters that were willing to pay the parlor fees. They worked hard and deserve it.

P.S. Theta actually killed quota in the fall with a high quality group of girls and DID NOT do open bidding....You need to stop banking on what Greek life was like when you were here and learn that we are moving away from the stereotypes and training our members to become leaders in this dismal society.

Thu Apr 16 2009 20:35
Wow. I'm actually disgusted by this decision. I am a UCF Alumni and I never thought such a lame sorority and "B" grade fraternity move into the once most-popular houses on the entire UCF campus. But, I guess this makes sense-- Keep Theta in the back where they belong and no one can see them and keep Theta Chi next to Kappa Sig so they can compete over who's cooler on that end of the street. Sorry boys, none of you are. To those who were once UCF students, you know where I stand and, chances are, you agree with me. Everyone knows where fraternities and sororities stand. Even if you ignore it, there is a popularity standing. This is a disgrace. PS: I was a GDI and wouldn't have rushed Theta if they would have paid me. Let's not forget, they do COB (Continuous Open Bidding)- because they can't make their quota!!
Wed Apr 15 2009 19:22
Congratulations, Theta & Theta Chi! 9 and 5 years (respectively) of waiting finally came to fruition. It's great to see chapters who are able to strengthen themselves and grow to be well-respected without a house [and for those of you reading this, rest assured I recognize that other organizations also have been successful at this]. I applaud and send wishes of good luck to both houses. :)
Houses = drama
Wed Apr 15 2009 11:21
To the commenter below.... could you tell me what the chapters who are already have houses on campus did or are doing to "deserve" their house? I don't see them trying extra hard at anything. All 4 of the chapters interviewed deserve a place to call their own on campus, but I can't say the same for the 9 that are already there.
Informed student
Tue Apr 14 2009 22:47
You've got to be kidding me...this was announced weeks ago and is old news by now. Way to be ahead of the curve, CFF - what a worthless paper.
Theta = drama
Tue Apr 14 2009 22:21
I wish UCF would tell us what lowly theta ever did to deserve a house, honestly.

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