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Zombies vs. Humans group holds first event at UCF Sunday

Published: Monday, February 22, 2010

Updated: Monday, February 22, 2010 14:02


Andrea Keating

Rashon Hogan was being chased past the Student Union when a bloody hand reached up and grabbed his shoulder.

He was now infected. He was now a zombie.

This isn't a scene from a horror movie though.

When the game ends, Hogan goes back to being a human being.

Hogan, a junior electrical engineering major, participated in the Zombies vs. Humans event held Sunday evening at UCF.

"It's pretty intense when you're running for you life," Hogan said. "You don't know whether to shoot forward or backward."

Outside of Parking Garage H, about 200 people were gathered holding dart guns and wearing rolled-up socks and colored bandanas. This was the first event put on by the Zombies vs. Humans group at UCF.

"There were more people than we signed in," said Dane Pierce, a senior psychology major and supervisor for the game. "We signed in 180, but there was at least 20 or 30 people tacked on."

The game was essentially tag with a lot of fake blood.

The objective was to survive the zombie horde and make it from the front of the UCF Arena to the top of Parking Garage H in less than an hour. The zombies had to tag and "feed" on a human every 15 minutes or they starved to death and were kicked out of the game. Either the humans won by making it to the top of the garage or the zombies won by tagging all of the human players and turning them into zombies.

It was designed to last an hour, unlike other Zombies vs. Humans games played on college campuses, which could go on for days. Sara DeAvilla, president of the group, explained that modifying the game made it "more dramatic."

"I heard a lot about it from friends at Emory and it sounded absolutely amazing," said Derek Martin, a freshman digital media major who participated in the event. "I'm just sad I wasn't more prepared."

DeAvilla was inspired to bring the event to UCF by watching zombie movies with her brother and reading about the game on

Since the group is not an official club, the Urban Gaming Club at UCF helped them plan and organize the event on campus. Logan Kriete, president of Urban Gaming, was one of the supervisors for the game.

"We saw this group on Facebook, Zombies vs. Humans UCF, and we talked to them," Kriete said. "We decided it would be a great idea for a partnership because it would kind of be like the first game that we're running on campus."

At the end of the game, only five humans were able to survive. They were each given medals and Twinkies in honor of the film "Zombieland." In addition, one randomly chosen player received a prize from the local retail store, A Comic Shop, for a trip to a gun range for headshot practice on zombie targets. It will be part of an event put on by Zombie Emergency Defense, an Orlando zombie survival group.

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Brian Fleming
Fri Apr 16 2010 19:52
Yeah! Humans Vs Zombies is awesome!

I play at CSU Chico in Northern California I hope all of you had a safe, made some friends and had a fun game. ;)
Wed Apr 14 2010 10:05
The country's #1 zombie site,, is based in Florida! Check us out!
Wed Feb 24 2010 13:31
When is the next one? I would love to join in!
Dane Pierce
Wed Feb 24 2010 11:57
This was covered before the event, but by a different paper. Also, Mark, we gave our zombies the ability to run with a limp. The rules sort of fell through as we couldn't be in all areas to moderate the running. So we ended up having zombies running at full sprint all over campus. it definitely added a new level of fear for the humans seeing zombies charging at them at full speed. It was really awesome watching the mayhem from the vantage point on top of Parking garage H. You should definitely come to the next one!

-Dane Pierce (Co-Founder of H vs Z UCF)

Mon Feb 22 2010 21:23
question, were these running zombies or shuffling zombies? Shuffling is more realistic but it would be kind of boring being stuck like that for fifteen minutes leading up to death.

Needless to say I too would have liked to partake in the festivities. I joined the facebook group and am looking forward to the next one.

Mon Feb 22 2010 15:58
You know what would have made this report even better? If it was done before the event... I would have loved to go, and was doing nothing last Sunday!
Mon Feb 22 2010 15:28
This sounds amazing! Wish I could've been there. Great report.

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