Bar BQ Bar, Eye Spy and Sky Sixty will experience a change in management, but will remain upon as bars possibly under different names and with small tweaks, the Orlando Sentinel reported Saturday.

Plans for the bars are in the very early stages, but sources told the Sentinel that Bar BQ Bar may be rebranded as "Old 64" and see an expansion it its beer menu along with other improvements.

Until the new management, which also oversees The Beacham and The Social, according to the Sentinel, takes over, the bars will celebrate their final days.

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It's a barpocalypse.

Along with The Mad Hatter, which closed its doors Thursday, several Orlando bars popular among UCF students will soon cease business.

Roxy, located at the intersection of Bennett Road and Colonial Drive, is closed and out of business, according to its website.

Bar BQ Bar, Eye Spy, and Sky Sixty, which have been operating for the past 16 years, are also set to close Aug. 31

"We simply couldn't come to terms with the landlord," the website states regarding why the bars are closing.

However the website also states there's more to come for the bars and patrons should follow their respective social media for updates.

Similarly, The Mad Hatter, which resides in the University Commons plaza on Alafaya Trail, cited a dispute with its landlord concerning issues with towing polices.

"As many of you know, University Commons instituted a towing policy in the fall of 2013, which has had a severely negative effect on you, our customers, and our business," the post states. "Ultimately, this unreasonable and unsafe policy, which was instituted by UC has forced us into taking legal action and, as a result, the Mad Hatter will be closed until further notice."

The University Commons Plaza issued the controversial towing policy back in November 2013. The plaza had signs posted alerting customers that its parking lot is a tow-away zone prior to the implementation of the policy. The change meant any cars left after 8 a.m. would be towed.

The change occurred after property owners witnessed many people using the lot for overnight parking and game-day parking, particularly during the 2013 UConn football game.

In previous interviews with the Central Florida Future, both The Mad Hatter and The Station, which formerly resided in the University Commons plaza, expressed disapproval of the new policy.

"We never wanted someone to weigh the option of drinking and driving versus leaving their car and having it towed the next morning," The Mad Hatter stated in an email. "We eventually hope that our landlord changes his towing policy..."

In May, The Mad Hatter began offering overnight towing to patrons in order to deter students from drunken driving.

Michael Rubino, former owner of The Station, said he planned to attempt to overturn the towing policy because he believed it would hurt business and encourage drunken driving.

After The Station announced it would close its doors in April, Rubino told the Future that the bar's closing was due to a disagreement with the landlord that could not be resolved.

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