Pets require a lot of time, money and space. For this reason, there are some places that are more ideal for pets and their owners than others.

WalletHub recently conducted an analysis of the best and worst cities for people who own pets. Fourteen key metrics were used to determine the pet-friendliness of the 100 largest cities in the U.S. The 14 key metrics look at things such as dog insurance premiums, number of veterinarians per capita and percent of pet-friendly hotels.

According to the analysis, Orlando is the ninth-best city for pet lovers. When looking at some of the 14 metrics individually, however, Orlando's rankings fluctuate. Under "pet-friendly trails" Orlando ranked third, but ranked 84th when it comes to the number of pet-friendly hotels.

The city ranked in the top ten for number of veterinarians per capita, pet businesses per capita, and pet-friendly restaurants.
Cincinnati, Ohio was ranked the best city for pets and Memphis, Tennessee was ranked the worst.

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