In an estimated four weeks, students will be able to get their country-western fix just west of campus.

Stagger Inn, which has a Downtown Orlando location, is set to open its UCF location right next door to CB&S bookstore off University Boulevard.

"Everyone knows that Stagger Inn downtown is the place to be. It is one of the most popular bars downtown and has gained momentum since the day it opened," Josiah Tripp, marketing manager for Stagger Inn UCF, said in an email. "The Stagger brand isn't just a country bar. The crowd is very diverse and there is something for everyone there. It's exactly what UCF is missing. The Stagger Inn by UCF will stay true to the branding of the one downtown but will also be modified to cater to the UCF culture."

Tripp didn't give an opening date, but noted that the bar is about four weeks away from opening.

"As far as events planned, I don't want to ruin the surprises, but in the weeks to come Stagger Inn will have an overwhelming presence at UCF and everyone will know about it," Tripp said. "A list of pre-opening events will be announced soon."

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