Do you have dreams of seeing your fashion line strut down the runway or seeing your name appear in Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle?

Well, one soon-to-be official campus organization might be just what you need to get you on your way.

The Student Fashion Network is in the final stages of receiving registered student-organization status from the Office of Student Involvement.

With its proposal approved, all that's left now is to do an orientation process, meet with a few people and set up the charter.

As soon as that is finished and approved, the Student Fashion Network will be an active registered-student organization.

Carlos Acevedo and Aaron Pethick, the president and vice president respectively, both had a frustratingly difficult time finding internships in the fashion industry in Orlando, so in an effort to prevent that difficulty for others, the SFN network was born.

"We want to be able to offer that to students who may not have the time to hustle that hard or [who] are interested in fashion but may not know that it's available in Orlando," Acevedo, a senior economics major, said. "I want to be able to basically bring people like us together and once we're together, [to] help each individual one see where they want to be in fashion and help them take their first step or the next step into getting into their dream career."

The group already has their first meeting agenda set, as well as a lineup of guest speakers in the future to help club members learn about the industry and build professional connections.

"The first meeting is going to be a forum to talk about fashion as an industry and meet the people and see what people we have, so we can cater to what their specific needs are," Acevedo said.

One of the first speakers on the list for the first meeting, set for Aug. 27 at 6:30 p.m., is Bonnie Barton, a tailor Acevedo is working for who is currently working with Ralph Lauren and who has worked with celebrities like Beyoncé and Madonna, among others.

Another speaker the organization has lined up are Melanie Pace, a local stylist who has volunteer opportunities at the Millenia Mall fashion show, which could be a huge benefit for FSN members. .

"We're bringing a lot of people outside of UCF to come back in and say, 'there is something in Orlando for you to do, you just have to work for it.'" Pethick, a senior interdisciplinary studies major, said.

"[It's hard] finding specifically what you want to do, knowing that fashion is so spread out in Orlando," said Andrea Angarica, an interdisciplinary studies major in her senior year. "It's not one specific area that you can go to to look for fashion or look for fashion jobs or fashion shows. Everything is so spread out, it's kind of spur of the moment, as you go."

That difficulty, however, is exactly why the SFN network wants to exist, said Cathy Romanowski, a marketing major in her senior year.

With the lack of a fashion-geared major at UCF, the group is hoping to show that there are still opportunities out there, they just take some digging.

"I think a lot of us suppressed our love for fashion because 'oh well this isn't a major' so I'm going to study biology, I'm going to study marketing," Romanowski said. "A lot of people end up in IDS just because [a major] is not offered, and that's why we want to be this network."

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