Student are on their phones on the way to class, they're on their phones in class and they're on their phones when they're leaving class.

They might be snapchatting their friends, posting on Instagram or browsing their crushes' Facebook profile, but if you're any sort of active in the Twitterverse, you're going to want to know the accounts you just have to follow at UCF. The Central Florida Future compiled a list of seven UCF-related twitter accounts, funny and functional alike, that Twitter-savvy students shouldn't miss out on.

1. @UCFSquirrels: Don't even think about eating behind the Student Union if you don't want the beady-eyed stare of a UCF squirrel to pressure you into dropping your Qdoba quesadilla.

Thanks to the students who have fed them over the years, UCF squirrels are notoriously ballsy, and the @UCFSquirrels account is no exception. Written from the point of view of one particularly snarky squirrel, this parody account shows that UCF might have more mascots than previously thought. Is a Knight or Pegasus any match for a UCF squirrel?

2. @notGeorgeOleary: Celebrity parody accounts are sometimes the funniest, and that holds true for UCF's own celebrity, George O'Leary.

The tweets are goofy, random and ridiculous, and that's pretty much why this account is hysterical.

3. @ucf_problems: A mix between the stream of consciousness from the fingers of one particularly vocal student and the funnier, darker, more alcoholic side of "You know you go to UCF when" memes, this account makes light of all things UCF. Every day needs a little bit of ridiculous, and if you have trouble finding it, just head over to this account.

4. @UCFconfessions: Have you ever wanted to know what Knights really are up to, what they really think and what they would never tell someone in person?

This account is your new best friend. Fans of gossip, drama and just plain off-the-wall craziness will be all over this account like a bear on a honey pot.

5. @UCF_CAB: After following this account, you'll never need to ask "What's there do to on campus?" ever again.

Between the concerts, movies and pool parties, there always something to do, and @UCF_CAB is your best place to find all of that out.

6. @UCFSports: If you're more of a news nerd on Twitter than a gossip guru, then this account by Brandon Helwig will really catch your eye.

Having covered the Knights since 1999, Helwig is a true Knight nut.

7. @UCF_PartyTutor: Even if you're not looking for the drink specials consistently posted to this Twitter account, you can still take advantage of the food specials, things to do or apartment notices on it's website.

And no list would be complete without a shameless plug. To stay up to date on UCF news of all kinds, don't forget to follow @UCFnews, UCF's student newspaper since 1968.

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