Whether you're an avid beer-pong player or someone looking to win some extra cash, you might want to make Clear Pong tournaments a part of your weekly schedule.

Every Saturday night, Clear Pong, a company known for setting up tournaments all over Orlando, sets up at local restaurant and bar Graffiti Junktion.

This is where you will find Clear Pong employee Brian Henley, a senior environmental studies major, shouting the typical announcement of "Clear Pong in the building tonight," over the microphone.

The owner of Clear Pong, Craig Brooks, a UCF alumnus with a degree in creative writing, started Clear Pong as an alternative to games of beer pong at home.

By filling the cups with water rather than beer, people are able to drink at their own pace or just participate for the fun of it; hence, the name Clear Pong was created.

"My passion in life is entertainment," Brooks said. "I stumbled upon creating Clear Pong as a fun and safer way of playing beer pong."

Brooks also added that he "did not want to drink the warm beer that had a ball in it that just hit the floor."

Sign ups start around 10 p.m., and unique and hilariously inappropriate team names such as "Beer in the headlights," or "Two guys six cups," are encouraged by the Clear Pong staff.

Entry for the tournament is $5 for guys and free for ladies, with a $100 cash prize on the line for the winning team. But this isn't the only prize that can be won.

Bar tabs for the location holding the tournament are made available for the second- and third-place winners, as well.

While Graffiti Junktion is one of the more local tournaments to UCF, Mike Espinosa, another Clear Pong employee, said it's not the only location you can attend throughout the week.

The current schedule for Clear Pong tournaments is as follows: Mondays downtown at Waitiki, Tuesdays at the Graffiti Junktion in Longwood and Wednesdays at Clicks Billiards.

"It's exciting being able to interact with so many people where there is always a great atmosphere with people who are just enjoying a fun game," Espinosa said.

Michael McCallister, a senior majoring in finance, attends Clear Pong tournaments weekly.

"It's a great place for meeting people and doesn't kill your wallet," McCallister said.

Whether you're looking for a change from a typical drinking game or to make a few bucks, Clear Pong is a weekend staple for many Orlando citizens who want a break from the typical night out.

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