The 33rd "There Will Be Words" reading series event on Tuesday brought writers of all calibers, including UCF alumni and professors.

There Will Be Words is an Orlando-based reading series that features the prose of writers from Florida. Four writers are selected each month, and this time around UCF professor Nathan Holic, Eddie Selover, Michael Cuglietta and Janee Baugher were chosen.

UCF alumnus J. Bradley reflected on why he decided to create the event.

"When There Will Be Words started in 2011, there wasn't really any regular shows that offered prose, like dedicated to prose," he said. "You had lots of poetry slams and open mics. I realized that Orlando needed a regular venue for prose."

As the name suggests, each writer shared words from their personal works, and no two writers sounded the same.

"I really liked the sharp contrast in writing styles between the first two writers," said Ellie Arnold, a UCF student who attended the event.

Of the writers who presented, a UCF English professor Holic was one of the returning speakers.

"There Will Be Words has been around for like four years or something like that. I usually read about once a year, but I've seen a lot of authors come through here," he said.

Holic shared a chapter from his current work in progress, which he referred to as his "great Orlando novel." The chapter reflected the life of former franchise player for the Orlando Magic Dwight Howard and outlined an internal conflict between Howard's own prominence and celebrity status with his image and morals as a Christian.

The city of Orlando is the topic of one of Holic's previous books, 15 Views of Orlando. The book is a collection of 15 loosely linked fictional stories written by 15 different authors and edited by Holic.

"A lot of my work focuses on Orlando because I think it's a city that hasn't really gotten its due in popular culture or in fiction," he said. "Generally when you see Orlando, it's like Mickey Mouse, but I want to explore as much as possible of what this city really is like, who really inhabits the city and what they think. Something beyond that traditional view of the city."

Since its start, There Will Be Words has held 33 showcases and has expanded to additional reading series that feature other types of writing. Bradley will be hosting a poetry slam titled "There Will Be Verse" on Sept. 30 at Stardust Video and Coffee in Winter Park.

There Will Be Words is open to all writers regardless of profession or skill level, Bradley said. The series takes place on the second Tuesday of each month at the Gallery at Avalon Island in the heart of Downtown Orlando. Interested writers can visit the event's website,

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