April 12, 2014: UCF Hip Hop club battles with break dancing contest. Video by Nicole Bleier.


Editor's note: This is an archive story that was originally published on April 12, 2014.

UCF students went into battle on Friday night, and they came out dancing.

Elements of Hip Hop, a UCF organization promoting the music genre's culture, held a dance battle in the Educational Complex Gym on Friday.

Breaking enthusiasts at UCF and in the area were welcomed to attend two free events: a dance workshop and a breaking competition.

The workshop began at 6:30 p.m., and was led by NastyRay, a breaker from California who was flown in for the event. Student Government Association allocated funds to the organization to host the dancer and to put on Elements' biggest event of the year.

Raymond Mora, who is known as NastyRay, gave a series of lessons, showing students how to match his feet and movements while giving participants the chance to include their own choice of steps.

Mora also served as a judge for the dance battle.

"First off, dancing to the music and not just showing off moves to your friends or people that look cool ... show off the music," Mora said, when describing the criteria he uses to judge the battle. "I'm looking for an understanding of breaking as well, not just the big tricks that people see normally."

At around 9 p.m., the battle began.

Crews who signed up for three-on-three breaking battles took turns showing their skills, with top crews selected by the three judges.

Three young boys competed as The Little Souls crew and impressed the audience with moves that mirrored their older competitors.

Elements of Hip Hop Secretary Hae-Yuan Chang said last year, about 300 people attended the event and that the club expected about the same turnout. Some attendees were UCF students, but many were breaking fans supporting their favorite crews and style of dance.

"I decided to come out here because I'm interested in hip-hop culture and bboying because, ever since I was small, I'd always see people flaring and dancing, and I was always interested in it," said Ryan Khan, 22. "One day, I hope to be a bboy ... But for right now, I'm not dancing. My friends are the ones that's dancing."

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