Staying healthy can be a constant struggle for college students. From the free junk food to the busy schedules, sometimes students forgo maintaining a healthy body for relaxing after a hard day's work.

But for Knights looking to stay fit, local off-campus gyms offer an assortment of fitness programs for students of every fitness level.

LA Fitness in Waterford Lakes Town Center has a variety of lower-level fitness classes, such as Zumba, cycle, mat pilates and kickbox cardio, for those who might not be experts quite yet.

Patrons can get an online membership for a $99 initiation fee and $29.95 per month with no long-term contract required.

Bianca Oliveira, a junior biology major, recommends the LA Fitness Zumba class and added that fitness classes often make working out more enjoyable.

"I find that it motivates me more to get a workout [instead of] just running on the treadmill or doing the elliptical," she said.

CrossFit Rectify on Alafaya Trail is another local gym where students take classes to learn how to lift and get in shape, said Tiffany Staral, a junior elementary education major.

"[It's] a great way to become stronger both physically and mentally … to challenge yourself and do things you didn't think you can do," Staral said. "All [of] the coaches are extremely helpful and supportive."

According to its website, CrossFit Rectify begins the training session with teaching the gym-goer these fundamentals: squats/deadlifts, cleans and strict/push press.

In order to make a fitness plan specific to each person, CrossFit Rectify's website states that it "[scales] load and intensity."

A three-day-per-week membership is $85 for students and $100 for non-students, and an unlimited membership is $100 for students and $120 for non-students.

But for another option only miles from campus, there is the Blanchard Park YMCA, which offers access to its gym for $31 per month for patrons up to age 23 and $52 after that.

"From Zumba and pilates to water aerobics and spinning," the YMCA has classes that target all different parts of the body, according to its website.

The Blanchard Park YMCA specifically offers more than 50 different types of fitness classes, said Mary Evans, a fitness trainer of 20 years and senior outreach coordinator for the Blanchard Park YMCA.

"It's all part of our pioneering approach to help everyone — regardless of age or ability — to get up, get moving and feel great," the YMCA site states.

Evans specializes in teaching people who are new to working out and don't know anything about exercise.

"I teach basic strength classes," Evans said. "I'm the very first person people who have never exercised before come in to work with."

Evans explained that the YMCA customizes the workout plans for each member so that all fitness levels, from beginners to athletes, are welcome.

So whether you're looking to start your fitness journey or push your body to the extreme, off-campus gyms are offering a variety of ways to get fit.

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