Most students know about 4 Rivers Smokehouse and its abundance of barbecue. But about 5 miles north of campus in Oviedo is a small, one-room building where Cora Mae White has been cooking barbecue for 10 years.

C&W Bar-B-Que, located off Geneva Drive, was started by White's ex-husband. When he didn't want to run the business anymore, White took over. Unlike 4 Rivers Smokehouse and other popular barbecue restaurants, C&W Bar-B-Que is usually only run by White, who sometimes receives help from her children or siblings who live in the area. The meals can be eaten at a few picnic tables under a tree or taken home, because there is no indoor seating.

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The eatery is only open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and White only accepts cash and checks. She makes food from scratch, seasoning her meat with family recipes and growing her own collard greens when the weather permits.

"My favorite [thing to cook] is my greens because it seems to me like people love it more, and that makes me feel really good," White said. "My greens is a recipe my mama gave me. It's something I've always kept with me."

On an average day, White cooks a case of ribs — which is about nine slabs — and almost 20 pounds of chicken and pulled pork. She cooks her food over a fire pit and said the most challenging part of her day is getting the fire started in the morning.

The menu at C&W Bar-B-Que includes pulled pork, rib and chicken dinners — which come with two sides — and sandwiches. For sides there is potato salad, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and sweet potato pie.

"My favorite thing about it about C & W is the fact that's it's the true essence of a mom and pop establishment," said Dominic Persampiere, the Oviedo mayor. "Ms. Cora cooks that food just like you're going to your grandma's house. That's what makes it so special."

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The affordable prices at C&W Bar-B-Que may appeal to students. A rib dinner is $8.50, a pulled-pork dinner is $8, a chicken dinner is $6.50, pulled-pork and rib sandwiches are $6.50, a chicken sandwich is $5.50 and sides are $1.25 each.

"I encourage [students] to come because I feel that I'm staying on the cheap side of fixing my food. You see, I have been here 10 years and I've never raised my prices," White said. "And they can get a home-cooked meal."

White said that she loves having students as customers and even had a few regularly visiting students in the past.

When White was a teenager, she moved from Pineview, Georgia to Oviedo with her parents and 11 siblings. As the second-oldest child, White began cooking for her siblings at a young age.

"We had to cook when we were young," White said. "We had to get up in the morning to cook. We were maybe 9 and 10 and we had to get up and do breakfast for the rest. So I've been cooking all my life."

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