For the past 25 years, The Cypress Dome has highlighted the creative works from students of all majors, backgrounds and interests in its annual spring edition. However, this tradition may come to an end if the Student Government Association Senate does not approve a bill presented by the Cypress Dome Society on Thursday.

CDS is an organization that publishes works of poetry, nonfiction, fiction and visual art in UCF's free literary magazine, The Cypress Dome. Students provide content for the magazine by submitting through an online submission manager from the middle of November until Jan. 1.

On Thursday, CDS will go before the SGA Senate at 7 p.m. to present its magazine bill, which it has been working on since the beginning of the semester.

Up until last year, SGA has funded the literary magazine entirely, but now the organization must go through an individual-bill process in order to receive 50 percent of the overall budget, said associate English professor Lisa Roney, faculty adviser of CDS.

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Members of CDS work alongside students taking an academic course focused on editing The Cypress Dome between the fall and spring semesters. The bill is essential in ensuring that the efforts of those involved with the magazine result in a finished product.

"Without this bill, we do not have funding to publish The Cypress Dome," said Aleksandra "Sasha" Krawczyk, president of CDS and a senior creative writing and communication sciences and disorders major. "We would have to seek outside sources for donations, which is pretty difficult because it is a huge sum of money."

CDS encourages students outside of its current membership to help in the effort to pass the magazine bill.

"It's good to have a presence during the hearing so that the senators can see how this club helps the community, so more warm bodies at the bill meetings [could] really bolster the bill's pull," said Cassia Hinds, a sophomore creative writing major and CDS treasurer.

In addition to publishing The Cypress Dome, the organization is responsible for putting together events, such as book sales and student readings, that bring in funding for the magazine.

This year, CDS is implementing more services into its organization that will help students develop their writing skills.

"We're working on developing sub-groups of our club, called First Draft, which will serve as mini-workshops for us to share and get feedback on our writings, and we even hope to hold an open session to give advice on how to prepare work for submission to The Cypress Dome or other literary magazines," said Sabrina Detmer, a junior social sciences major.

All students are able to join the organization at any time by sending Lisa Roney an email request at

Meetings for CDS are held Tuesdays at 4:30 in the Nicholson School of Communication room 111.

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