With the trick-or-treating season just around the corner, the UCF a cappella group Key Harmony will be preparing their fellow Knights with a special Halloween Concert on Friday.

The all-female group will be performing their concert, featuring the all-male Crescendudes, at 7 p.m. in the Mathematical Sciences building, room 260. The concert is free, but the group will be collecting $5 donations for those who would like to contribute.

The a cappella group will enlighten their audience with a different kind of experience, one that they have never done before, said Tina Fleming, a Key Harmony member since fall 2011. The group will present a theatrical type of show, with costumes and decorations, to get the audience in the Halloween spirit.

The full-production concert will definitely be visually striking and very enjoyable for a large audience, said Fleming, who is now working on her master's in business administration.

As an Alto 2, the lowest voice in the group, Fleming said Key Harmony is well-known for its blend of unified voices, which separates it from the other four a cappella groups on campus.

Before the concert actually starts, Key Harmony will be singing fun Halloween songs, including Superstition and a song from Little Shop of Horrors, said Tori Rimany, a senior communication sciences and disorders major.

Rimany, who sings Soprano 1, the highest pitch in the group, and beatboxes for Key Harmony, said the group will be singing four songs at the concert, which include Cannibal, Dead Man Walking, The Walking Dead theme song and Double Trouble from Harry Potter.

There will actually be a story behind the music, with the concert revolving around the story of a boy whose nightmares become his reality, said Key Harmony Music Director TC Skowronek, a junior majoring in music, psychology and business.

The nightmares (the Crescendudes) will be fighting the zombies (Key Harmony) as the two groups create a captivating, themed show.

"People can expect to see something a little creepy," said Kristen Aman, a junior hospitality major.

As an Alto 1 in Key Harmony, Aman said it is cool to see how all the voices come together, since each part is so crucial in an a cappella group.

At the concert, Key Harmony will also be releasing their very first album.

There are four songs on the album, which Aman said are all well-known songs with a different a cappella spin added to them. She said she thinks people will really like to hear a different way of how the songs sound.

"It's really cool to have a tangible accomplishment, to say this is what we do, this is who we are," Skowronek said. "We are so passionate about this, and we have a unifying force that can make a difference."

UCF Knights can support the milestone moment for Key Harmony by purchasing albums, and even newly designed T-shirts, at the concert with the a cappella members. Skowronek said they will be selling the T-shirts for $10, and albums are anticipated to be under $10.

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