Real-estate website Trulia lists the 25 cities you'll want to avoid should the undead rise up. Video provided by Buzz60 Newslook


If zombies take over America, where should you go?

Real estate website Trulia mapped that out, because it's always good to be prepared.

Cities that are good for zombies (and bad for humans) follow this formula:

• Walkability: If it's easy for humans to walk around, it's easy for zombies to walk around, too.

• Lowest density of hardware stores: If hardware stores aren't accessible, it's hard for humans to grab items to protect themselves from zombies.

• Highest density of hospitals: Weak hospital patients are easy prey for zombies.

• Most congestion: Crowded cities make it hard for humans to run from zombies.

Honolulu is the worst place for humans to be, Trulia decided. Although Orlando didn't make the list, Miami ranked no. 7.

The top five worst places are:

1. Honolulu

2. New York City

3. Newark

4. Boston

5. Washington, D.C.

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