Nail polish is a delicate accessory, but Jamberry is trying to change that with its vinyl-based nail wraps.


It chips, it breaks and it smudges.

Nail polish is a delicate accessory, but Jamberry is trying to change that with its vinyl-based nail wraps.

Jamberry Nails, a company started in 2010 by three sisters, boasts hundreds of different nail wraps with designs ranging from holiday themes to sport logos and Greek letters. Either on the website or through various Facebook parties, Jamberry nail wraps are roughly $15 per sheet and can last up to two weeks if properly applied.

Brittany Rohrig, a spring 2014 graduate with a degree in elementary education, said she's had two to three months of experience with the Jamberry nail wraps and has used them herself about five times.

She started using them because of her job working with marine mammals in the field.

"I started with them on my toes, not expecting them to last [with] all the salt water [and] the disinfectants … but they held up until I wanted to take them off. I was so surprised," Rohrig said.

Rohrig said that the application process takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, and on the fingernails they last about 2 weeks. After that, wearers can get away with them for a few more days before they start to peel up around the edges.

For use on the toes, Rohrig said she once had them on about 2 months before she got bored and changed them out, and only because she wanted to.

For Victoria Colditz, a junior advertising-public relations major, the application process was not as easy a feat.

"I totally messed up the application, so they looked kind of weird. I'm sure if I did it again, I would do it better. But, once I put them on a nail, you can't change the placement because it's stuck on there, so a couple of nails were pretty crooked," Colditz said. "It also says to file them down after you put them on and cut the excess sticker off, but filing them didn't really work for me, so they were also hanging over my nail a little bit."

And with patterns and designs ranging from simple colors and polka dots to daisies, French tips, intricate glitter designs and more, there's a wide array of options for everyone.

"Overall, they're really cute and I liked their design a lot, but you have to be extremely careful applying them," Colditz said.

Each sheet of Jamberry nail wraps can be purchased through Jamberry's official website, And although Rohrig said that the up-front price may look expensive, it's actually more economically priced than it seems.

"When one sheet gets you two manicures and two pedicures that last as long as they do, the price is totally worth it. Get your hands on a free sample," Rohrig said.

To get potential clients involved and familiarize them with the products, Jamberry consultants host online or in-person Jamberry parties. They will post games, contests and information about the nail wraps, and participants get involved by responding to posts and asking questions.

In fact, Stacey Sandritter, a junior event management major, got involved with the company by trying out some nail-wrap samples and then hosting an online Jamberry party via Facebook.

"Since it was online there were about 300 people invited, but really only 20 or so participated in the games and purchased products," Sandritter said. "There's also the option to do an in-person party, but that's more difficult to get people to [participate in] and this is highly convenient."

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