The Knight's Pub will be adding a second story to its existing structure and construction is set to start during the first week of classes, said owner Pete Zachman.

The project started as an idea to add a covering over the existing deck to protect patrons from rain, and it grew to include the addition of a second story.

Stairs will be on the back right corner of the existing deck, and the floor of the new upper level will extend to the roof of the adjacent Next Door Bar.

The new upper level will also act as a covering for parts of the deck, and some deck space will remain open in the back and front of the currently existing deck.

Once construction begins, Zachman said, it should take a few weeks to complete.

"It's going to add a lot to the outside, the ceiling will be as high as it is in the pub. You still feel like you're on the deck, you still get to breathe," Zachman said.

The new 963-square-foot story, however, will be a tad different than the space downstairs.

The area will have a more relaxed focus than downstairs and will be an area guests can go to escape the noise and excitement of the first floor.

The original idea for a quieter space is what brought about the Next Door Bar, but as that became popular and crowded, Zachman said he needed to find another space for guests to take a breather.

The new space, he said, may be restricted to those over the age of 21, though there won't be a bar upstairs.

Another change from the downstairs space is that all furniture will be permanently placed, unlike the downstairs furniture that is removed during peak hours.

These changes all stem from Zachman's desire to constantly improve upon the existing structure.

"I want to be the The Swamp of UCF," Zachman said, referencing the well-known University of Florida bar. "[I want to] leave a legacy with it and you can only do that [by doing] as much as you possibly can to add on it and make it an experience. I've always strived to keep adding and keep improving. You always have to strive to make yourself better."

But fear not, Pub patrons, The Knight's Pub will remain open. After construction is complete, Zachman said, there will be a grand opening of sorts for the new space.


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