Do you hear what I hear? Yet another holiday season whizzing by.

Yes, the most wonderful time of the year has come and gone, and you know what that means: time to start the countdown all over again.

There's only 352 days until Christmas and this is the year you're not going to let it sneak up on you. Well lucky for you the Central Florida Future has thought up a few DIY projects simple enough to help even the biggest scrooge recycle the ghost of Christmas past into the best Christmas yet to come.

Holiday card gift tags

What's the deal with holiday cards? I know I sound like someone who crawled out of an unaired episode of Seinfeld, but really, what is the deal?

The holidays are over, and now I'm facing the internal struggle of keeping the hundreds (OK, five) of cards I was sent, or doing the unthinkable — trashing them. Well, here's a better idea: make them into customized gift tags. Crisis averted.

You'll need:



-Holiday cards


-Hole punch

1.Round up the holiday cards you received in 2014. If all of your friends and family members simultaneously forgot your address this past year, maybe parlay those sentiments into an appropriate New Year's resolution — or go buy some.

2. Cut the cards into shapes. You can either cut out shapes already on the cards or do it up like Carrie Underwood and let Jesus take the wheel … err scissors.

3. Use a hole punch to punch a hole (oh that's why they call it that) for the ribbon to go through.

4. String the ribbon through the hole.

5. Write "To:" and "From:" on the tag.

6. Store the tags in a place you won't forget. Maybe even slip in a note that says, "You're welcome future self."

Leftover ribbon curtain hooks

The holidays and college are very similar. Everyone's just trying to look like they have their stuff together. But there's one place often overlooked that can really make or break the illusion — your bathroom.

You'll need:

-Ribbon (that's it!)

1. Cut foot-long pieces of ribbon. Check how many holes are in your shower curtain to determine how many.

2. Loop through the shower curtain holes and around shower rod.

3. Tie into bows.

Tinsel cat toy

This one was a toughie. I mean people hardly know what to do with new tinsel before the holidays, let alone used tinsel afterward. But the other day while staring into my angel cat's loving eyes, it hit me.

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You'll need:


-Super glue

- Chopstick

1.Glue a strip of tinsel to a chopstick. I'd recommend getting Chinese food before undertaking this project because for the life of me, I can't think of where to buy chopsticks.

Burnt out bulb Christmas tree

This one might take a few Decembers to complete, but yay for long-term goals, right?

We've finally come up with a way to use those burnt out bulbs that doesn't involve possibly electrocuting yourself in the name of festive jewelry.

You'll need:

-Burnt out bulbs

-Styrofoam cone

-Super glue

1.Starting at the bottom of the cone, dab a dollop of super glue.

2.On top of the glue, stick the burnt out bulb into the Styrofoam.

3. Repeat in rows until you can't see anymore Styrofoam.

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Scrap wrapping paper wall presents

Imagine: You've just finished decorating your entire apartment for the holidays. It's perfect — except for the non-jolly thermostat or not-so-merry circuit breaker box.

Like an unwanted zit, these blemishes have got to go.

Why not wrap them in festive paper like presents from Santa to disguise the terrible choices in construction and design that they are?

You'll need:

-Wrapping paper

-Double-sided tape


1. Figure out how much wrapping paper you'll need and cut accordingly. If you only have really tiny pieces of paper leftover, that's fine too.

2.Secure with double-sided tape.

3. Finish off with a bow.


Caroline Glenn is the News Editor at the Central Florida Future. Follow her on Twitter at @bycarolineglenn or email her at

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