A red carpet was rolled out in front of the Pegasus Ballroom Monday night as UCF's eighth Campus MovieFest showcased the top 16 student films.

The event was hosted by Wey Lin, the promotions manager for Campus MovieFest, and Dominique Harris, who was just named Mr. UCF 2015.

Students had one week to write, film and direct a five-minute movie in an effort to have their film go to Hollywood. The students were given an Apple Macbook Pro with Adobe Creative Cloud, a Panasonic HD camera, a Western Digital My Passport portable hard drive, a microphone and a tripod to help them film and edit their movie.

"It could be as intricate as the next Avatar or as simple as walking around campus filming," said Michelle Moyna, the cinema director for Campus MovieFest.

Moyna said that the top 16 films were chosen by a panel of secret judges made up of UCF faculty and students.

The top four out of 16 films that received the Jury Award were: In Their Eyes, Flatline (also a Golden Tripod Award nominee for cinematography), The Grind (also a GTA nominee for directing) and Ten Years Ago (also a GTA nominee for special effects).

The winners get to go to CMF Hollywood in June to compete against schools across the country. The award, however, doesn't cover the students' travel expenses to Hollywood.

An award was also given out for Best Actor and Best Actress, which, respectively, went to Patrick Sylvester, who starred in a musical called Bro, and Nathaly Morales, who starred in Undesignated Driver.

"I didn't even know it was going to get picked for the top 16," said Morales, a senior psychology major. "I feel humbled. But it was crazy because there were a lot of people who did a really good job."

She said the film — where she starred as a rape victim — took four hours one day and two and a half hours the next day to complete.

The finalists, which were in the running for the Jury Awards, were: The Feminine Mystique, Forever Changed, Night Changes, Always With Love, Glitch, Give It To Me Straight, Davie Snowe: Act 1 I'm still Acting, Bench Artist, The Beautiful Disaster and Fractured (also a GTA nominee for editing).


Veronica Brezina is a Senior Staff Writer for the Central Florida Future.

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