Students looking for a quick bite on a budget now have a new menu to choose from at Knight's Grub.

The bar, which is affiliated with Knight's Pub and operates within the Next Door Bar, officially opened its doors Friday night. The simplistic, family-owned-and-operated concept offers curbside take-out and a variety of typical pub-style menu items.

"My dad has always wanted to do something like this," said owner and senior political science major Chris Lamb, whose father, Chip, helps with the business.

The father-son duo had been working on the Knight's Grub concept for more than a year, and finally found the opportunity to bring it to life when the kitchen at the Next Door Bar opened up.

"We still have a lot of stuff to do to operate smoothly," Chris added.

But so far, the pair seems hopeful and is making plans to expand the business to include longer hours of operation, delivery services and additional menu items.

"We're hoping this does well so we can expand later on," Chris said. Eventually, Chris and Chip plan to franchise the concept and open more locations in other college bars around the country.

"The concept is Chip's Sliders and Dogs," Chip said. "It goes well with college students. Food and liquor together has a bigger draw to it."

The idea of food at a bar isn't a new one to Knight's Pub, as the kitchen was previously rented out to the late Midknight Munchies, which closed its doors in summer 2014. Since then, the kitchen remained unused until Chris and Chip formed a partnership with Next Door Bar in late January.

Though the idea isn't a new one, students still seem content on drinking without food on the night of the concept's opening.

"I feel like when people start seeing that there's something going on back in the kitchen again, it'll start picking up," said UCF alumna Sydney Holmquist, a regular patron at Next Door Bar.

Knight's Grub's daily special is a grilled mac-and-cheese sandwich: four-cheese macaroni topped with cheddar cheese and melted between two thick, buttered slices of sourdough bread. Normally, it's served with waffle fries, but Chip suggests a homemade chocolate chip cookie and some red beef chili on the side.

Though most patrons Friday were ordering beers and not burgers, a comment about Knight's Grub tacos seemed to be enough to start a conversation that caught people's attention – and their appetites.


Gabriela Mont is a Contributing Writer for the Central Florida Future.

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