All natural, hand crafted — and some with just a bit of alcohol.

Pop Parlour, a gourmet Popsicle shop based in Central Florida, is opening its third location right on UCF's campus, attached to the CFE Arena in Knight's Plaza.

Current owner of the Downtown Orlando location and UCF graduate Brandon Chandler is working to open his second location in six weeks in Winter Garden. In roughly four months, the UCF location is set to open.

"Everything we do is all natural, we don't add any artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives and chemicals of any sort," Chandler said. "We take fresh fruit, we chop it up, we blend it, we mix it and then we flash freeze everything."

With a freezer that gets to about negative 50 degrees, the Popsicles won't take long to freeze.

Alcohol will also be quick to freeze, creating alcohol-infused Popsicles — which will be featured in the new UCF location.

After graduating with an accounting degree in 2009, Chandler realized that he wanted to take his career to a different level. He first wanted to open a doughnut shop, but decided the Florida heat put him at a disadvantage.

Two years ago, Chandler and his team were looking for a location to build an ice cream shop, but found out there wasn't an available space at UCF.

After opening his location downtown, Chandler was finally contacted by UCF last summer to open a location on campus.

With popular choices at around $2 each, such as the peanut butter and banana or pistachio and coconut, Pop Parlour offers a variety of unique flavors, including champagne mango peach, sweet tea, watermelon mint, Nutella, birthday cake, Bloody Mary and mimosa.

"UCF is going to be about four times the size of our current location. There's going to be a lot more room to do things," Chandler said.

With students on the go, Parlour will offer a service window, where students rushing to class can stop by and pick up a quick coffee or pop.

"We will also have beer and wine," Chandler said. "We've teamed up with Cigar City Brewing in Tampa."

Chandler aims to have a place that students can go to if they need a cold treat, are in a rush to go to class or just want to come and relax on the couches and at the tables.

"We want it to be a space where you don't have to fight for parking; you have two hours in between your classes, come over, have a coffee, have a beer, have a glass of wine, have a pop, whatever you want," he said.

With details still in the works, Chandler plans on having free coffee specials and giveaways around campus.

He is also working on creating bike deliveries to be made on, and possibly off, campus. Chandler doesn't want to give anyone a reason not to try his products.

"College is a time to experience new things — what works and what doesn't — and we're going to try to take that thought and go with it. It's fun to go back to UCF, and hopefully I'll be there for a long time."


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