Step aside Columbia and Def Jam, musicians and producers of all kinds may soon be able to get their hits off the ground right here at UCF.

Senior marketing major Jermaine Lewin aspires to be the first to open a UCF student-run record label — Joust Records.

"I want to bring producers, singers, dancers, digital artists," he said. "I want to bring them all together."

With at least 12 members needed as a requirement for an organization, Lewin has hosted general meetings on campus to establish a label board, accepting applications for various positions. Those positions include: vice president, treasurer, music, management, advertising and dance committee chairs.

Getting the word out on social media, Lewin hopes to receive messages from interested applicants and expand the pending organization.

As far as the organization becoming approved, Lewin has submitted all paperwork that is needed by UCF and is now playing the waiting game.

After all the required paperwork is submitted, the graduate assistant for registered student organizations will review the proposal and then email the representative of the organization.

But Lewin didn't want to leave a legacy of his past at UCF with Joust. He also wanted to prepare for his future.

"My dream is to work for a record label. My goal is to get this label to be an organization and get its foot in the door," Lewin said.

Coming from a dance background, he became involved on the UCF Rukus dance team for five years, and then became elected as artistic director.

If Joust is approved, Lewin aims to become president and help with music, dance and advertising.

Nearly 20 people have shown interest in becoming members, and Lewin has already established his right hand.

Junior communication major Alexa Rahmanparast has created a partnership with Lewin after they got to know each other through various improv classes. After seeing Lewin's Facebook posts about the idea of a label opening, Rahmanparast decided to join Lewin and help with getting the approval.

She aims to deal with the artist and repertoire management side of the label, which assists in getting people involved, as well as talent scouting.

"As a label, we want to promote the local music scene in Orlando," she said.

Lewin and Rahmanparast hope to inform more people of the organization by attending local open mic nights, with performances by known musicians. They also spoke with professors and campus organizations to help get involved with the label.

"We're definitely on a fast track to getting things going," Rahmanparast added.

Another way the partners are helping get the word out is by offering graphic designers the chance to submit designs for their new logo. The winning design will receive a $25 Visa gift card and have a chance to be on their visual arts board.

For more information or to apply for an open board position, visit


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