Her hair may be big and her nails may be long, but Theresa Caputo is a medium.

For the second time, the Long Island Medium is taking the stage at UCF. Caputo senses the spirits around her and will communicate their feelings and words to the audience at the CFE Arena on April 9.

Central Florida Future: How long have you been a psychic medium?

Theresa Caputo: I have been a practicing medium for almost 15 years but I have been sensing and feeling [spirits] since I was 4.

CFF: What was your experience at UCF before? What brought you back?

Caputo: I had an amazing time the last time I was here and I definitely wanted to get back to Florida.

CFF: What's the best part about reading someone?

Caputo: I think the best part about reading someone is seeing the change in them when they leave and how much happier and relieved they seem.

CFF: What are some difficulties people may not know about the reading process?

Caputo: There's nothing difficult about the reading process. Spirit does all the work, not me.

CFF: How do you handle skeptics?

Caputo: I don't handle anyone. I respect everyone's beliefs.

CFF: For skeptics that may come to your show, what's your advice to them?

Caputo: My show is not about believing in what I do, or getting people to believe in mediums. I just want them to leave knowing that there is more to life than just here in the physical world and that their loved ones are safe and at peace.

CFF: How has being a medium, both negatively and positively, impacted your life?

Caputo: I don't look at it as a negative or a positive, any ups or downs I've had have been blessing and lessons and I wouldn't change a thing.

CFF: Where do you see your abilities taking you in the future?

Caputo: I never thought my abilities would take me to where I am today so I have no clue where it will go from here.


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