Eight finalists took the stage Monday for a final round to show the Pegasus Ballroom audience who is the funniest Last Knight Standing.

Finalists included Devin Alexander, Michael Almanzar, Gray Bigler, Terrance Hamilton, Bryan Harris, Shereen Kassam, Nick Limner and Fritz Pierre.

Freshman Gray Bigler came out the winner, only after being misinformed about making the final round.

"What is really strange is that after round two, [CAB] didn't announce me as one of the finalists but later contacted me by email saying that it was a mistake and I had graduated to the final round," Bigler, an English literature major, said.

It is not only Bigler's first year competing, it is also his first time doing any form of stand-up comedy.

"I entered the final round convinced I wouldn't win, then I saw the competition and realized I had a chance," Bigler said. "In all honesty, I am very surprised to have won ... there were a lot of heavy hitters in the competition so it is gratifying to know that my sense of humor is something objectively good."

Bigler relates his sense of humor and comedic styles to the type of personality he has.

"I have a naturally quick wit, so being funny in conversation comes really easily to me," he said. "Comedy is just an intrinsic part of my personality, whether it is a coping mechanism or just to keep a conversation engaging."

As for the type of reward the winner gets, Bigler said, for the next year, he will be openers for several events hosted by CAB.

His first opener event will be Friday, April 17, at the RWC Leisure Pool for a pool party, Splashdown.


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