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The plural of fish is fish; the plural of deer is deer; and the plural of vinyl is vinyl. You'll want to at least know the last one lest you get laughed out of the record store come Saturday when it's time for the annual Record Store Day.

"Record Store Day was founded in April 2008 by people working at record stores, people working at record labels, distributors [and] all areas of the business to take away attention from all the media stories that were talking about the downfall of record stores," said Shellie Olszewski of Park Ave CDs.

Held on the third Saturday in April, the event is being held this weekend at three out of Orlando's four independent record stores.

The day sees close to 600 exclusive releases from previously unreleased material to special re-releases of hard-to-find items that are limited in number and can only be found at participating stores.

"One of the necessary evils of that day is there's quite a line outside. We limit the number of people who can shop in the store at a time to make it comfortable to folks and not turn it into Wal-Mart Black Friday craziness," Olszewski said. "In order to help people pass the time in line, we're doing all kinds of ticket giveaways and all kinds of cool vinyl box sets."

Park Ave CDs will be opening at 8 a.m. as a result of previous heavy traffic. Olszewski said that when the store opened at 10 a.m. last year, the line had around 400 people in it.

Hanna Skrobko has owned East West Music & More since 1971 and, after a grumpy introduction, became quite jubilant about Record Store Day.

She's most looking forward to, "volume, volume, volume, crowds, excitement, the way record stores used to be back in the day."

Last year was a major success for the store with more than two weeks of shopping being done in one day.

"You're talking to Florida's oldest record retailer right now," she said. "We're not a fly-by-night just-opened-up little vinyl shop; this store has been here 44 years."

East West Music & More will also feature giveaways and music for those waiting in line. Skrobko is looking forward to Saturday and enjoying running the store.

"It's like work, expect way better. I'm surrounded by the thing I love the most, which is music," she said. "Music is the best medicine on Earth; it is my drug of choice and I cater to people who feel the same way."

Ron Armillei, an employee of Rock & Roll Heaven, said he enjoys seeing the mix of older and younger people come out.

On whether the store is doing anything special for Record Store Day, Armillei said, "It's a special enough day in and of itself."

Rock & Roll Heaven was inundated with boxes featuring new and special releases, which will be on display alongside the store's already flourishing collection.

"We just got the most amazing selection," Armillei said. "It's a very neat record store: Everything's extremely well organized and the selection is vast. There's only a handful of stores in the United States that have this kind of selection. Almost any song and any band you'd want."

Park Ave CDs

2916 Corrine Drive, Orlando

East West Music & More

4895 S. Orange Ave., Orlando

Rock & Roll Heaven

1814 N. Orange Ave., Orlando


Alex Wexelman is a Senior Staff Writer for the Central Florida Future.

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