One of the biggest music festivals, Earthday Birthday, rocks its way to Orlando on Saturday.

Rock band, Flyleaf, makes up one of 18 national acts scheduled to perform at the annual festival. The Central Florida Future caught up with Flyleaf guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya as he discusses Earthday Birthday, tour and latest album.

Central Florida Future: How excited and prepared are each of you about playing the festival?

Sameer Bhattacharya: We are very excited to be playing Earthday Birthday. We've been touring almost nonstop so we're nice and warmed up.

CFF: What are your best memories and experiences in Orlando?

Bhattacharya: We've played Night of Joy at Disney World a couple of times, and we have so much fun every time.

CFF: Do you prefer playing big festivals or headline shows?

Bhattacharya: They each have their own charms. The headliners are made up of almost exclusively Flyleaf fans and are usually prepared for the energy of the set, and they love to engage in that with us. When we play festival shows, it's awesome because we get to share the energy with a new audience who normally wouldn't be at a Flyleaf show.

CFF: What can festival goers expect from your set?

Bhattacharya: Festival goers should expect ton of energy coming off the stage accompanied by sonic storm that will be enveloping them.

CFF: Being a band for more than a decade, how would you describe your style of music and shows now compared to when you guys first started?

Bhattacharya: Since we were just kids when we started, there was more angst in our music. We're now in our 30s and have experienced more life than just the 'high school years,' so the message and energy in the music has refined into something more global. There is a drive to reach beyond the horizons of our immediate perspective.

CFF: You guys have reached many Billboard top ranks, including No. 1 spot on Billboard Top Current Alternative Albums, No. 3 Current Contemporary Christian Albums, No. 3 Top Christian/Gospel Albums and many more. How do these tremendous accomplishments impact you individually and as a band?

Bhattacharya: As a band, those ranks have opened many opportunities for us. We are grateful. As an individual, I don't really think too much about it. What really matters is how the music is affecting the individual listener. What is it revealing to them about us, themselves and the lives around them? Is it inspiring us to be better human beings?

CFF: How was the recording process for "Between the Stars" album? What inspired the tracks?

Bhattacharya: We did most of the writing and all the pre-production at James Culpepper's place. We recorded the album with Din Gilmore in Los Angeles. Inspiration was found everywhere from past heartaches, friends we care for, to finding our strength and empowerment from a source that is bigger than ourselves.

CFF: What can you say to fans who have supported you guys since the beginning? What can you say to those who just started listening?

Bhattacharya: A huge thank you to all of our Flyleaf family, old and new. I hope that the music continues to inspire us to love one another and see the bigger picture.


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