Most fashion trends, clothing items and accessories go through phases of popularity. Kimonos are no exception and are making a comeback in full swing.

While kimonos were originally popular to wear in ancient Japan, they have traveled to the states and taken over closets as a summer accessory.

"They can always spice up your outfit. It can make a boring outfit really cute without trying too hard, and being able to be comfy at the same time," said Aine Demetrius, a junior nursing major.

A kimono is meant to be worn over something and covers the shoulders, similar to a cardigan. The accessory is versatile because it can be worn over almost any outfit. Whether it's used as a swimsuit cover-up at the beach or for a big night out, a kimono can dress an outfit up or down.

"They are flowy and free, very boho-chic and cute," Demetrius said.

Multiple celebrities who embody that trendy boho-chic look, such as Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie, have been seen wearing them.

Kimonos come in all sort of patterns and lengths, and some even have fringe or tassles dangling from the bottom.

"I think kimonos are really popular and easy to dress up. Kimonos sell really fast in the store, especially the floral patterns. We get them in maybe every other week," said UCF graduate and employee at In Style boutique Corinne Lamolinara.

Although the shape of kimonos relatively stay the same, there is a lot of variety with how they are worn, which makes the piece that much more unique.


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