Climbing temperatures and an approaching summer season have given rise to new bikini trends and brought some old ones back.

The high-waisted phenomenon, which recently started back up again in shorts and jeans, has found its way to the bikini bottom.

"High-waisted bikini bottoms are the best way to show off curves," said Rags and Grace fashion blogger Stephanie Velez, a senior human communications student. "They provide a security yet at the same time bring confidence. They help the leaner girls and the thicker girls to find a happy medium."

If uninterested in the high-waisted bottoms, the "cheeky" bikini bottoms are also popular. Cheeky bottoms aren't quite a thong but also don't provide full coverage.

"I honestly feel girls should feel comfortable with the bottoms," Velez said. "If it's so revealing to the point that they can't act normal or feel comfortable then maybe they aren't the best choice. I truly feel being modest is still beautiful."

Some new bikini top trends are fringe, cut-out, halter and bandeau tops and lots of straps around the neck and on the back. Still floating around from last season is the triangle top with two contrasting colors and thick black lines.

However fashionable, Fallon Rivers, a sophomore business and communications student, said some bikinis are best left for photos.

"For me, they are used more for social media and fashion," she said. "I did a photo shoot recently that had a strappy one-piece as the suit but I don't think it would be functional for tanning. I like how they look though. They are super classy."

While these new suits are fashionable beachwear, some of the bikinis with lots of straps aren't intended to be worn for long periods of time in the sun. Having diagonal lines all over the neck may not be very flattering.

The main purpose of these might be to just take pictures in them, but they are still popular this summer.


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