Whoever said knitwear is a winter trend is probably right. But if knits of varying colors and patterns are the classic winter trend, then crocheted tops, bathing suits, dresses and cover-ups are weaving their way to becoming a staple summer look.

"Crochet tops and dresses are perfect for festival season and Florida summers in general," said Samantha Buoye, a senior creative writing major. "The winter clothing and accessories like scarves, mittens and sweaters have been around for a while, but I like seeing people wearing crocheted clothing in the warmer months, too."

The California-inspired beach look is perfect for climbing temperatures as wide crochet stitching not only has l'aire of a carefree summer, it literally lets the air in, creating a breathable ensemble.

"I think the trend is really fun. It reminds me of festival season," Bouye said. "The clothing itself can be really light and there are so many beautiful stitches and patterns that can make the clothes look really unique."

But crochet is more than a style trend. It is an art form and a hobby for students like Bouye, who crochets everything from purses to home decor.

"I definitely appreciate it more as a hobby," she said. "I don't honestly own a lot of crocheted clothing pieces; I'd rather make things for other people. I'm glad it's considered a trend though. It makes gift giving so easy."

Bouye explained that, as much as it is a fashion trend, crochet is not limited to clothing and can just as well be an expression of style across personal accessories and home decor. Bouye, who said she usually crochets pillowcases and blankets, is currently working on a comforter.

She was introduced to crocheting by her best friend Lacey Gray, a senior biology education major who first learned from her stepmother at age 16.

"It feels real good to make something beautiful for someone and to see that they truly appreciate it," said Gray, who has been self taught since she was first introduced to the craft.

Crocheted pieces will serve as a summer essential this season, but have already served as more than that in the past.

"Crocheting has really helped me deal with my anxiety," Bouye said. "I used to have anxiety attacks daily and since I've started crocheting, it's been a lot less frequent."

According to a study read by Bouye, crocheting can be as relaxing as meditation, and has been proven to have similar positive results. Gray, who has been crocheting for more than four years, credits the repetition of the motions, which she said becomes muscle memory.

Senior interdisciplinary studies major Maura McLean, who is an avid yoga practitioner with a clear sense of personal style, said she hopes to learn the craft in order to personally incorporate it into her fashion.

"It's always seemed very relaxing to me and not that difficult to learn," she said. "I really admire some of the looks that can be accomplished with this trend, and it'd be really incredible to be able to create my own outfits based on something that I myself styled and produced."

Crochet is a medium of personal expression for students wishing to knit their own pieces and for those wishing to showcase it through personal style.


Daniela Marin is the Entertainment Coordinator for the Central Florida Future.

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