UCF's KeyHarmony didn't need more than its vocals and support to prove itself as the favorite all-female a cappella group in the nation.

The group made it to the top three in the national Schick "Aca-Battle" Sweepstakes to promote the movie Pitch Perfect 2, and was selected as the winning group on May 26.

Among the other two finalists, Main Squeeze from Syracuse University and The Sedoctaves from the University of Florida, KeyHarmony received the most votes for its personalized music video to the Schick "Ready, Shave, Shine" Regimen Song, and was awarded the winning prize of $10,000.

"KeyHarmony is so thankful for everyone that voted endlessly on this contest. We couldn't have done it without all the love and support, and we just want everyone to know that we really do appreciate all the help," said KeyHarmony member Kyrstin Walker.

The group's genuine, raw vibe has proved to be one of the biggest assets that has distinguished it from other a cappella groups, said Walker, a junior health sciences pre-clinical major.

"The quality that helped us in winning was definitely our ability to have fun while recording for this contest," she said. "Our group's sense of humor is pretty much as unique as it gets, which is what definitely helped us in the long run."

TC Skowronek, another member of KeyHarmony, said she thinks the a cappella group stands out from others because the members treat each other like a family. No matter what, she said they are always there to support each other.

With the $10,000, the group is planning to finish purchasing a sound system and then save the rest of the money for future plans, said Skowronek, a senior music, sociology and business major.

KeyHarmony's president Keani Knight said the group will put some of the money toward a conference that they are hosting this fall called Orlando Soundwave.

"We really try to put everything into our performances," said Knight, a sophomore legal studies major. "Our main goal is always to make the audience feel something and to connect with them."

Through their recognition from this contest, she said the group will gain a bit of notoriety and people will be more familiar with them at the conference.

Walker agreed that this win for KeyHarmony is really going to advance them even further and help the group get its name out there.

"This $10,000 will help us accomplish our goals we agreed on for the upcoming year, which in return will move us forward in the amazing light of the collegiate a cappella world," she said.


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